Educate. Motivate.

“Dr. Tricia” has been an amazing resource for our son. Not only is she passionate and knowledgeable, she has a heart of pure gold and is able to make a child feel comfortable and capable throughout the journey. We love her and appreciate her exceptional service.

– Client from Portland, OR

“We were so lucky to find Tricia. We’ve learned that tongue tie is not always obvious in speech, and it may be discovered in the teen years when kids go to the orthodontist as it was in our case. Tricia helped our teenager essentially re-learn how to swallow while keeping it light hearted and without making our teen feel self-conscious. That is an incredible feat! We are forever grateful and enthusiastically recommend Tricia to anyone facing a similar situation.”

– Client from Banks, OR

“Tricia has a rare and exceptional ability to develop the rapport necessary to produce excellent results in preschool-age children. Over the past year that my son has worked with Tricia, he has consistently improved a full level with each quarterly assessment. I attribute this progress to Tricia’s expertise and approach. She takes a genuine interest in a child, adapts her sessions to the needs of that child on any given day, and celebrates success. My son truly looks forward to seeing Tricia each week. She is the ultimate professional – knowledgable, personable, and flexible. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

– Client from Tigard, OR

“My daughter has been seeing Tricia…. She loves to go to her speech session and asks every day if we can see Tricia! She has really grown and her jaw strength, oral motor skills, vocabulary and expressive language have improved tremendously.
As a parent, Tricia has given me fun, practical ways to encourage more speech and has been the easiest person to work with. I feel like she’s my partner in this process. I would happily recommend her to any of my closest friends!”

– Client from Portland, OR

“Our daughter has been seeing Tricia for tongue thrust and general speech issues. Tricia immediately created an environment of mutual trust and respect with our daughter and that relationship has grown in such a way that I’m fearful she does not want to be “cured” as that will mean not getting to see Mrs. Rogers on a regular basis! Tricia has worked tirelessly addressing our daughter’s issues and has worked closely with her dentist, orthodontist and general practitioner. She has taken a total family interest with us which has enabled us to better support the behavior changes she and my daughter are working on. We have seen enormous improvement in our daughter’s chewing, speaking and swallowing habits. Her confidence has also greatly improved because she knows she has become a better communicator and is mastering the use of the English language. I cannot praise Tricia’s ability enough. I trust her completely and have never regretted the time or financial commitment we have made with her. I strongly recommend Tricia as a speech pathologist!”

– Client from Beaverton, OR

As a Speech-Language Pathologist with over 43 years of experience, I have repeatedly relied on Tricia to consult with me on selected orofacial myofunctional cases, which were perplexing to me. She has come onsite to my office to see my clients and has also consulted indirectly by discussing cases with me. Her keen observational skills, clinical insights and pragmatic judgement have been invaluable for helping me make good treatment decisions. Children and adults feel very comfortable with her warm and friendly manner and find her easy to relate to. Tricia is a constantly updating her orofacial myofunctional skills and is an excellent resource for Speech-Language Pathologists who have questions about their clients who have tongue thrusts and associated situations.

– Speech-Language Pathologist, Lake Oswego, OR

I highly recommend Tricia Rogers! Tricia has infused my career as a speech-language pathologist with new therapy techniques and education, changing my treatment approach and lens, significantly increasing the progress of my clients! Tricia has given me a new love of being a speech therapist when I felt like I was going in circles with my articulation clients. I hit the lottery as a speech-language pathologist working with Tricia as a mentor. I reached out to Tricia after working in schools with middle and high school students who were still struggling with their “r” and “s” sounds. The clients were frustrated and embarrassed, and I was determined to get to the bottom of their speech sound disorders issues. Tricia taught me how to treat the underlying issues impacting speech (i.e., jaw, lip, and tongue dissociation and rest postures).  Since being mentored by Tricia, parents’ testimonials are continuous, even relaying messages from their kid’s pediatricians. 

Thank you, Tricia, for sharing your expertise and love of the field as an orofacial myofunctional specialist! Also, thank you for the joy and enthusiasm you bring to the field. I always look forward to our mentor sessions!

-Speech-Language Pathologist, Vancouver, WA